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, in which he attempts to explain the 1980s to anyone born after the year 1985 because these younger folks (a.k.a. I'm talking to you millennials," he adds as he points to the camera. "If I was too shy to ask a girl out, there was no ' Okay Twinder,'" Bacon continues.

millennials) have "no idea how hard life was." "Awareness of '80s culture and technology has been in a significant decline," says Bacon in the clip uploaded to You Tube Monday, Mar. "I went to the White Pages -- Google it -- and called her house." "Then you had to make small talk with her mom for like, 20 minutes, before Alicia even came to the front," the actor (who has at least 55 film credits to his name) reveals in the funny clip.

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Singles are a type of music release that typically have fewer tracks than an extended play or an album.

For the first three years of the 1980s the UK Singles Chart was compiled by the British Market Research Bureau (BMRB) who had been compiling the charts throughout the 1970s.

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Under the BMRB this sales data was posted to the chart compilers, but when Gallup took over they automated the system by installing computer terminals in the shops that registered each sale and sent the information to Gallup immediately.On 8 January 1983 Gallup took over the compilation of the UK music charts and continued to provide the chart data for the next eleven years.The charts were produced from the sales data of a representative panel of around 500 record shops across the country.The two singles were "Blue Monday" by New Order which should have been at number 13, and "Like a Virgin" by Madonna which should have been at number 53.In September 2009 a special edition of the UK music trade magazine Music Week was published to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

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