Blogger reading list not updating how do i buy profiles for a dating website

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But some articles are long and I read them in 3-4 times. In any case, items added to Reading List sync properly across my i Cloud devices. How can I backup the reading list to a computer and then access it ?

In Safari i OS 7 (and on Mac), reading lists are accessible even when you are offline.

It is usually recommended that you keep the Safari tab open for sometime.

You should see the rotating loader animation next to the Wi-fi/3G symbol on the status bar. Reading list items can be accessed from the bookmarks icon → Reading List tab.

So you first need to open the page in reader view by tapping the book icon in the address bar, and THEN go to the menu and tap the star icon.

While many Blogspot blogs have a Follow button that allows you to quickly add them to your reading list, many other Blogspot blogs don't have one.

Luckily, following these blogs is almost as simple as using a Follow button.

Of course, all of this gets synced to any other device that can run Google Chrome, which includes Android and i OS phones, Chromebooks, or Mac/Linux machines.

Up till now, this hasn’t existed in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge as a built-in feature.

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If you’re using a local account on your computer, you won’t be able to sync anything.