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Or they are hyper-Indian in a way that makes most westernized Indians uncomfortable (as in always living in India in their minds....). Indian women just don't have the culture of personal upkeep. And you can do a lot better if you open up the dating pool.

Either they are in constant denial about being Indian. Wife is half-Indian, half-Cypriot Greek, all-Canadian. Understand that there's a wider world out there.

"In recent years, more of my friends are also going to these countries to find wives.

As of today, the majority of all the leading financial institutions in the country — large banks, insurance companies, pension funds, stock exchanges, etc. Moscow is home to more than 600 banks out of a total of 1,250 credit institutions operating in Russia.

Over time I have had a lot of Indian friends and as a white male myself I realize that the ones who are born and raised here in the states are strongly against dating and being with Indian women. As a result Indian women are valued far higher than they normally would be. An average westernized Indian can get a higher quality woman dating outside the Indian community than in it. How many Indian girls are there if you live in a smaller or more remote town/city?

The ones who do settle for Indian women feel like they are doing it out of desperation. If the pool is small, and the people in the pool aren't all that attractive to you, you might as well look outside the pool.3) Beta orbiters. Quite a few Indian gals have double standards for Indian guys.

The date was organized by a local dating agency, and five of them found a match, according to a Daily Mail October 11 report.

If you are a single American man who would like to get hooked up to Russian brides, here are simple steps that you need to take.

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Yuan and his friends are an example of the current trend in China in which a growing number of Chinese men are marrying women from Eastern European countries.