Dating deal breakers article

Posted by / 09-May-2016 18:48

Dating deal breakers article

nailed down the top 10 most common deal breakers for short- and long-term relationships alike.

Take a look at the most popular reasons people get rejected — and consider whether any of them explain why you've recently given someone the cold shoulder or been shunned yourself.

If there is no motivation on the part of an alcoholic to address their drinking, no desire on the part of an abusive partner to get help, no willingness on the part of a parent to discuss child-rearing philosophies openly and respectfully with their spouse, the chances of any of those situations being or becoming a deal-breaker greatly increase.

Your partner is the person you can spend a lazy Sunday with or your big Friday night out.

While one person may be willing or able to tolerate occasional affairs on the part of a spouse, another may be unwilling to stay together after a single betrayal.

The same goes for verbal abuse, or addiction, or chronic dishonesty, or different religious beliefs, or any of a number of other conditions that may be present in a relationship.

However, be sure to keep the relationships with your own group of friends intact.

Men want a woman who’s not only willing but wants to have a girl’s night out.

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While I quickly realised on our first date that he shares the same dry sense of humour as me and he was far from boring or elitist as his job would suggest, I’d be kidding myself if I thought we would have had any chance of meeting through mutual friends or at a bar.