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Dating greek phoenician coins

These tablets included the correspondence between the king of Alasia and the Egyptian Pharaoh of the 14th century, and documented that the island had a leading role in the economy of the east Mediterranean.

he was probably in power at the end of 13th century BC.

The geographical proximity of Cyprus to the Near East was the primary reason for relations between the two regions.

Situated between the Aegean Sea and the Near East, Cyprus managed to acquire a dominant role by skillfully handling the geopolitical changes in its region that was considered to be the common diplomatic language of the time.

Mycenaean era art featured depictions of people, animals, and other aspects of everyday life.The collapse of the royal regimes in parts of the Mediterranean resulted in the rise of a new social class of merchants, seamen and courageous voyagers that sought for new markets and raw materials, and thus reshaped the social and economic status quo.according to the aforementioned tale of Wenamun, went on to thrive as important urban centres.As the Ancient Greeks migrated throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East, not only did they establish an expansive trade network, but also without even knowing it, the expansion actually helped shape Greek culture as a whole.Thanks to interactions with other civilizations in the area including the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Phrygians, and the Lydians, the Greeks incorporated many customs and traits from their neighbors shaping a new Greek culture.

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The coin in our picture comes from Heritage Auctions where it sold for $1500 US dollars during a 2015 auction.