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Freddie highmore dating now

He has starred in 7 films and has more films to come.

Born in early 1992, British performer Freddie Highmore shot to fame as a child star, via plum roles -- usually leads -- in family-oriented contemporary classics such as the 2004 Finding Neverland (as Peter Llewelyn Davies), Tim Burton's 2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (as Charlie Bucket), and the 2006 Arthur and the Invisibles (as Arthur).

PHOTOS: Love on set "I've never been a player.

I was at an all-boy boarding school, I've always kept my head down," he told Us Weekly at Paley Center panel on July 30.

Chick reminds him that there are other things in the basement that could cause a lot of police questioning; Norma and Chick convince him to bury Caleb.

Chick hands Norman the groceries telling him to leave the chicken as he will make it for dinner.

Becoming a part of a story so well known and so well loved, you don’t want to mess it up.

But having our show set in the present day and going back to see what it was that turned Norman psychotic, we felt free to bring in our own interpretations and not be restricted by the original source material.

PHOTOS: Costar couples The couple met on set of the addictive, borderline disturbing drama and have been dating for a few months.

"I've never had much game." But despite Adam's jerkiness, Stroma sees his good qualities.

"He’s a bit of a jerk but he has pretty heroic moments I think," he added of Adam. Each character does that, same with Rachel [Shiri Appleby] and Quinn [Zimmer] and everyone.

Here’s a taste of our ten-page feature with him: You look very different in this shoot – are you ready to become a pin up?

I think in a way, being judged as a sex symbol and being famous almost go hand in hand but it is not something I have ever sought.

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contestant Anna Martin, respectively, on The Bachelor-skewering series.

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