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Hanging out vs dating girl

We’ve become much more casual about how we communicate and even get to know new people. So much so that the word itself is often replaced with its ambiguous cousin “hanging out.” The time that men and women do get to spend together has become murkier and more uncertain.

With a great amount of audacity he said, “Sorry, I look forward to hanging out again soon!Maybe once that is done we could date, but for the sake of definition, yes, I guess we better call ourselves ‘just friends,’ though I know there’s undeniably chemistry between us. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the spaces between dates and “hangouts.” Be intentional: Be present in the moment and try not to project too far into the future. Take into account that you are worth taking the time to get to know, and so is he. It doesn’t matter whether a guy or a girl says “it’s a date” or “let’s hang out” over the phone while asking you to spend time together.After dissecting the past couple of months of her life, we were both wondering what was really going on with them.One Friday night, after a three hour dinner date at a nice local restaurant, I discovered that the man who’d taken me out, paid for dinner, walked me to my car and said, “we’ll do it again very soon,” actually meant to text someone else, but texted me on accident. Didn’t I just have three and a half hours of great, intimate conversation?

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We saw it happen on the last week, when Nicole Kidman revealed that she and Jimmy Fallon’s first meeting a decade earlier had actually been a romantic setup by their mutual friend.

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