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It was great to see some regulars and a bunch of new people.

When we got to talking about reactions we have to each other’s behavior on dates (applicable to all situations), it got lively and very interesting.

Hunters and smugglers don’t report their take for the same reasons that drug dealers don’t report profits to the IRS.

July 2013 The Fall 2013 issue of UCSF Magazine has my Circos illustration of personalized medicine.

The human outline motif is incorporated into other design elements in the issue.

The stories are generally based around a moral message.

For most relationships outside of child/parent, there is absolutely nothing inherent about these relationships.“It’s basically a network for single young professionals,” explains Dutch cofounder and COO Michael Krayenhoff, adding that everybody is like-minded and between the ages of 25 and 40.

The Inner Circle, London's latest dating website and app, bills itself as a network for "like-minded" individuals; a "high-end", "exclusive community" with an "impressive following of successful and attractive people." "The Inner Circle is the first and only dating website with a strict invite-only policy that includes a thorough screening upon registration to ensure eligible singles with similar lifestyles and mutual friends can meet each other in a friendly and trustworthy community," the website explains.

According to City of Miami historic preservation code requirements, he was obliged to commission a routine archaeological field survey of the site prior to commencement of building, but this didn't occur until Bob Carr, then Director of the Miami-Dade County Historic Preservation Division, pressed the issue with the City and Baumann.

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Some scholars have questioned both its age and its authenticity.


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